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Leader McConnell Quotes – Quotes By Leader McConnell

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Leader McConnell Quotes

The scope of it, they have to deal with a little bit broader than just January the 6th, we’ve also had a number of violent disturbances around the country last year. And I think we have to look at this in a broader scope, and with a totally balanced, 9/11-style commission. If she were willing to put that forward, I think it would enjoy broad bipartisan support. —Leader McConnell Oh, I think it’s fine, eric Ueland haven’t been able to have any real meetings lately, but it’s nothing personal in this. —Leader McConnell We’ve been anxious to get started for the last — how many weeks has it been now ? and we’ll get about it as soon as we can. —Leader McConnell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s delayed this so the architects of the failed House process can reach over into the The Senate and dictate our process as well, house Democrats are treating impeachment like a political toy — like a political toy, treating their own effort to remove our commander-in-chief like a frivolous game. —Leader McConnell The Senate has a unanimous bipartisan precedent for when to handle mid-trial questions such as witnesses : in the middle of the trial. —Leader McConnell

Best Quotes By Leader McConnell

There will be no haggling with the House over The Senate procedure, we will not cede our authority to try this impeachment. The House Democrats’ turn is over. The Senate has made The Senate decision. —Leader McConnell Now I’ve made clear from the beginning that no such leverage exists, and yesterday we made it clear it will never exist. —Leader McConnell As soon as the partisan impeachment votes had finished, the prosecutors began to develop cold feet. Instead of sending the articles to the Senate, they flinched, the same people who just spent weeks screaming that impeachment was so serious and so urgent that it couldn’t wait for due process now decided it could wait indefinitely while they checked the political winds and looked for some new talking points. —Leader McConnell Let me clarify Senate rules and Senate history for those who may be confused. First, about this fantasy that the speaker of the House will get to hand design the trial proceedings in the Senate, that’s obviously a non-starter. —Leader McConnell We can’t hold a trial without the articles. —Leader McConnell