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Ian Storey Quotes – Quotes By Ian Storey

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Ian Storey Quotes

It will want to show Southeast Asian claimants that American military power is on the decline and its commitment to the region is waning, (It will want to show that) the economic problems that China is facing will not impact its policy on the South China Sea. —Ian Storey I think there’s already been a lot of unease in the region about how China has used Covid-19 to push its claims in the South China Sea, china won’t want to completely destroy its relations with Southeast Asia by pushing too hard. —Ian Storey Although Russian diplomats have privately expressed concerns to their U.S. counterparts that China may one day put pressure on Moscow to terminate those projects, so far Beijing has refrained from doing so because of the ever-closer strategic partnership between the two countries, it would be a serious blow to the burgeoning Sino-Russian entente if Beijing asked Moscow to end its energy projects in Vietnam. —Ian Storey Perhaps this proved too much for some of the member states and the statement was withdrawn. —Ian Storey None of these strategies work very well, but what can you do?, this dispute is going to be around for a very long time. —Ian Storey

Best Quotes By Ian Storey

If you beef up security for oil and gas assets, you are protecting yourself from non-state and state actors so there is some plausibility to what he’s saying, but is it really being driven by Daesh? I don’t think so. —Ian Storey Fiery Cross is sensitive because it is presumed to be the future hub of Chinese military operations in the South China Sea, given its already extensive infrastructure, including its large and deep port and 3000-metre runway, the timing is interesting, too. It is a show of U.S. determination ahead of President Obama’s trip to Vietnam later this month. —Ian Storey It demonstrates that the judges are striving to be impartial, and that they have been at pains to take into account the views of all the concerned parties, even China, which has refused to participate, and Taiwan, which isn’t a member of the UN. —Ian Storey For decades, the combined wisdom among scholars studying the South China Sea is that Itu Aba is the only island in the Spratlys. —Ian Storey This would enable China to back up its warnings with real capabilities. —Ian Storey