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Ihssane Mounir Quotes – Quotes By Ihssane Mounir

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Ihssane Mounir Quotes

China has reduced capacity by 70%; that is money, that is revenue. —Ihssane Mounir We will take the time to do this right…but we will protect the date of introduction for the aircraft, based on where we are today, we are very comfortable with the fact we can do it by 2025, but we haven’t made a decision. —Ihssane Mounir It’s not a plane that will be technologically much more advanced than what we have today. What will be very advanced is the production system. —Ihssane Mounir There is more work to do….There is a lot of demand for the 777 freighter and we have been pretty active in that marketspace and talking to several customers, we have several campaigns and activities for this year. —Ihssane Mounir Does it rattle people? Yes it rattles people. Nobody likes that. Airplanes make money when they are in the air; they don’t make money when they are on the ground, i haven’t seen any slowdown in sales right now. These are growing and teething pains for any product. —Ihssane Mounir

Best Quotes By Ihssane Mounir

We approach the campaigns in a much more comprehensive way than we have ever done before, so the price and inherent capability of the airplane are just one thing that we are bringing to the table. I’m not going to go beyond that, or I will be divulging the secret sauce. —Ihssane Mounir It has not been a price game (or) a price strategy, i am not out to kill anything; I am out to serve our customers … I don’t wake up one day and say I am going to go and kill that product. —Ihssane Mounir Between the two of us we are at the forefront of the battle…but in the backshop we have people who are really good. —Ihssane Mounir If our customers want to do something for the air show, we’ll do something special with them, have fun with them…But we are having a good year; I like where we are. —Ihssane Mounir No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Ihssane Mounir