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Isao Kubo Quotes – Quotes By Isao Kubo

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Isao Kubo Quotes

The market has almost priced in expectations that the Fed will cut rates. On a trade front, we still don’t know the outcome for the U.S.-Mexican tariff deal, but positive reports support the mood. —Isao Kubo The market’s attention is on these events so they will likely refrain from taking large positions now, investors also want more clues about global economies because while the U.S. economy appears to be solid, other economies may not be. —Isao Kubo There are fears about the end of lose monetary policy in the global market. —Isao Kubo We are very, very cautious, when U.S. shares were rising, we thought risk sentiment seemed to have settled but we are bracing for deeper uncertainty now. —Isao Kubo Those who had sold on fears of Brexit seem to have adjusted their positions to neutral, most people at this point expect a rise in the market. —Isao Kubo

Best Quotes By Isao Kubo

The weak-yen trend has paused, so investors are reluctant to chase the market higher for now. —Isao Kubo Although investors remain cautious, they think Japanese stocks will eventually catch up with the strength in overseas stocks such as U.S. shares. —Isao Kubo It is very unlikely that the Japanese market will start rebounding alone. We will have to rely on what global stocks will do after Yellen’s speech tonight. —Isao Kubo Investors do not want to take large positions now. We may not see major activities until we get some indications from central bank meetings. —Isao Kubo It was a relief to see that the China’s PMI was within market consensus. —Isao Kubo