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Jonar Nader Quotes – Quotes By Jonar Nader

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Jonar Nader Quotes

The more you learn about the law, the more you realize there is no such thing as ‘the law’. —Jonar Nader Immature team members play a big part in spoiling everything. —Jonar Nader Inventors, pioneers, radicals, visionaries; these have ventured from the lonely and costly camp of minority only to be obstructed by majority-rule concepts that tolerate inferiority, hinder progress, harbor injustice, and pose limits within the decaying status quo. —Jonar Nader Sometimes, anticipation feels better than fulfillment. —Jonar Nader Those who construct loyalty programs through frequent-flyer points and the like, are merely trying to trap the customer. Loyalty must come naturally, not via points and schemes. If your customers are loyal to you as a result of such programs, then surely you realize that they are not loyal. Such schemes are tangible, and tangible things are susceptible to the law of annihilation. Anything that you do, can be matched by your competitor. —Jonar Nader

Best Quotes By Jonar Nader

Wherever I go I create enemies. For this reason, these days I just shut up. It’s the only way to make friends. —Jonar Nader The most private essence of a person’s fiber can only be measured by deed; not through written tests. —Jonar Nader Diplomacy is only important when the other party has the upper hand. —Jonar Nader It stands to reason that in the absence of direction, any direction will do. —Jonar Nader The concept of internal customers suits the wimpy organization headed by a wimp who tries to appease everyone and satisfy no-one. —Jonar Nader