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Kelly Ayotte Quotes – Quotes By Kelly Ayotte

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Kelly Ayotte Quotes

What more do we need to do? What are the lessons learned, and if you need additional support, we need to know about it very quickly. —Kelly Ayotte While he has my vote, he doesn’t have my endorsement, i’m going to continue to focus on my race and getting out to people what I have done and getting results for the people in New Hampshire. —Kelly Ayotte We should be focusing on: What was the student body told and why wasn’t the student body fully informed? —Kelly Ayotte I still believe this position is a lifetime appointment and one that will have a consequential impact on the country and the Supreme Court for decades to come. So I continue to believe that we should consider the people’s view on this by waiting for the confirmation process to go forward after the elections in November. —Kelly Ayotte We’re in the midst of a consequential presidential election year. —Kelly Ayotte

Best Quotes By Kelly Ayotte

We’re in the midst of a consequential presidential election year, and Americans deserve an opportunity to weigh in given the significant implications this nomination could have for the Supreme Court and our country for decades to come, i believe the Senate should not move forward with the confirmation process until the American people have spoken by electing a new president. —Kelly Ayotte As ISIS has learned firsthand, the A-10 represents our nation’s most effective and lethal close air support aircraft. —Kelly Ayotte This potential transfer is all the more troubling in light of the fact that Ibrahim al Qosi, who was released from Gitmo by the Obama administration in 2012, is now reportedly a leader and spokesman for AQAP, … The administration has not been forthright with the American people about the terrorist affiliations and activities of these detainees, or provided sufficient assurances that they will not return to the battlefield, particularly given their possible proximity to Yemen. —Kelly Ayotte I am confident that local school districts in New Hampshire have the ability to both responsibly manage taxpayer dollars and implement proper nutrition guidelines for their students. —Kelly Ayotte We have a situation down there where we met with women guards who are being prevented from fully performing their mission because the five 9/11 attackers who are charged with killing 3,000 Americans will not allow them to perform their duties because they’re women, it’s outrageous. —Kelly Ayotte