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Ken Polcari Quotes – Quotes By Ken Polcari

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Ken Polcari Quotes

Facebook has other issues, certainly the earnings report wasn’t as stellar, then pile on the issues with the whistleblower, what they knew, what they didn’t know, how they set themselves up to benefit themselves even at the risk of kids and people that use the platform. That is going to kind of hang over it. —Ken Polcari He is not shutting the door, but he is also not saying there is another one coming in September, so hold on. —Ken Polcari Now there’s a little trepidation that if the data is coming in strong why are we cutting rates? the market’s thinking he’s going to cut rates in July and then that’ll be it. —Ken Polcari The focus is going to continue to be on earnings and what the message is and so far the message hasn’t been that great, if they continue to be what they are, these kind of lackluster reports, the market is going to get exhausted and it is going to back off. It is going to be an important week just for direction. —Ken Polcari No one expects anything concrete to come of the meeting … but if the tone is positive afterwards, it won’t be a headwind for stocks. —Ken Polcari

Best Quotes By Ken Polcari

If( people) are comfortable with the economy, the transports certainly is a leading sector. If the economy is going to get better, transports, rails, truckers, airlines and all that stuff will do better in anticipation of that. —Ken Polcari Oil is rallying today so Both Brent and U.S. crude is causing some excitement in the energy space, but that is what you would expect because oil has been so beaten up. —Ken Polcari I don’t think this is a catalyst that’s going to cause a bear market in this country at all. People should not be going ‘ the world is coming to an end. ’ It’s not. —Ken Polcari Big institutional customers saw this morning’s event as a much more longer-term opportunity. So names that were really dislocated found plenty of bids, plenty of support. —Ken Polcari I don’t think we’ve hit capitulation yet. It certainly has been ugly but in order for there to really be a bottom, it’s got to be one of those days where it gets so ugly it’s almost panicky. —Ken Polcari