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Kevin Harvick Quotes – Quotes By Kevin Harvick

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Kevin Harvick Quotes

It was like speaking to a 9-year-old, it’s identical. It’s 100% the exact same scenario. They get hung up on one thing and you can’t speak to them about the broader picture about the whole thing works. —Kevin Harvick You go through spells of capitalizing on things and having good cars and mediocre cars and circumstances, and I think that part of this sport is those streaks come and go at certain race tracks, at RCR we had a lot of good, flat-track races at Richmond and Loudon, and we only won here one time, and I thought this was one of our better tracks. —Kevin Harvick We dont have that answer. I can tell you that it will be drastically different than what we have done before, i would hate to speculate on what the direction of it is going to be and what we are going to do because we dont know. That is good for everyone watching. We have more questions with zero answers, actually. —Kevin Harvick In life in general, you’re never bulletproof, about the time you start thinking that, I always tell people, the karma train will come run you over. —Kevin Harvick We’re going to put that pressure on ourselves anyway, having everybody expect you to do well is great. … I know that we’ve been fortunate to have some early season success, but it really doesn’t change anything that we do. —Kevin Harvick

Best Quotes By Kevin Harvick

Hopefully we can continue to do the things that we’re doing, really, just business as usual. —Kevin Harvick You just have to forget about what you did, these guys are really good at just, you know, being happy about what we did last week, not talking about anything other than what we’re going to do at California next week, how we prepare for that, not taking your eye off the prize, staying focused on what we need to do for California. —Kevin Harvick When you said the Richard Petty part, that gives me chills. —Kevin Harvick We never talk about stuff like that, we don’t talk about things we’ve done. We always talk about the things we do wrong and we talk about the things that we need to do different. It’s never really anything about last week. It’s always about next week and the things that we have to do to try to be prepared when we come to the race track. —Kevin Harvick I felt like you bring that perspective to the booth of right off the race track and being able to really relate to what’s going on out of the race track, it is something I definitely enjoyed and had a lot of fun doing. —Kevin Harvick