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Lisa Monaco Quotes – Quotes By Lisa Monaco

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Lisa Monaco Quotes

Moving forward, prosecutors, agents and analysts will now assess at each stage of a cyber investigation whether to use disruptive actions against cyber threats even if they might otherwise tip the cybercriminals off and jeopardize the potential for charges and arrests. —Lisa Monaco Those charges were the first coming out of that task force but they will not be the last. —Lisa Monaco I’m concerned about the really disturbing nature of the threats that we’ve seen. They’ve been disturbingly aggressive, and violent and personal. —Lisa Monaco We’ve received those referrals. Our prosecutors are looking at those and I can’t say anything more on ongoing investigations. —Lisa Monaco Before I close, I want to address those who remain on the darknet, those who are peddling illegal drugs and thinking they are safe behind layers of digital anonymity, my message to you is simple: There is no dark internet. We can and we will shine a light. —Lisa Monaco

Best Quotes By Lisa Monaco

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, more people have turned to the darknet than ever before to buy drugs. —Lisa Monaco That is not going on. —Lisa Monaco I can inform the committee today that the recently confirmed Assistant AG for the criminal division is currently reviewing this matter, including new information that has come to light, i do want the committee, and frankly I want the survivors, to understand how exceptionally seriously we take this issue and believe this reserves a thorough and full review. —Lisa Monaco In the wake of a number of recent tragedies, law enforcement around the nation is reexamining the way it engages with individuals who come into contact with the criminal justice system, i am directing the Department’s law enforcement components to revise their policies to explicitly prohibit the use of chokeholds and the carotid restraint technique unless deadly force is authorized, and to limit the circumstances in which agents may seek to enter a dwelling pursuant to a warrant without complying with the’ knock and announce’ rule. —Lisa Monaco We obviously always want to go after the individual who is pulling the trigger that’s costing lives in our communities, but we also need to go after the networks, the very illegal trafficking networks that are putting those guns in the hands of those criminals in the first place. —Lisa Monaco