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Inger Andersen Quotes – Quotes By Inger Andersen

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Inger Andersen Quotes

We’re not nearly where we want to be, we want to be optimistic and say the window is still open, we can still make it — but it’s closing very fast. The reality is we must make this happen in this current decade. —Inger Andersen It means a fundamental overhaul of the sectors, the good news is that there are solutions right there, at our fingertips. We just need a few nudges and policy guardrails that sets the tone. —Inger Andersen This is possible. We can do this, but it won’t happen without real leadership, and that’s where multilateral agreements matter. It will take the leadership of everyone, including the smallest of countries, but it will particularly take steady, firm, and supportive leadership by the G20 and other wealthy economies. —Inger Andersen Countries have stretched, but they’ve not stretched enough, many of them sort of kick the can down the road, and we need to see not pledges anymore we actually need to see real action. —Inger Andersen Those in poorer countries are going to suffer the very most, so ensuring that there’s a degree of equity and a degree of global solidarity for adaptation finance is also critical. —Inger Andersen

Best Quotes By Inger Andersen

The decision, taken today in Geneva, is a shield for individuals and communities against a plethora of risks to their health and livelihoods. The recognition of the right to a healthy environment is a historic landmark in our ongoing work for social and environmental justice. —Inger Andersen Time is running out for us to act in a coordinated manner to prevent a looming environmental, economic and humanitarian catastrophe. —Inger Andersen They confirm that the scale of the illegal wildlife trade, including trade in plants, is much greater than we had previously thought. —Inger Andersen —Inger Andersen No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Inger Andersen