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Irwin Michael Quotes – Quotes By Irwin Michael

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Irwin Michael Quotes

This is the flip side to last month when the market was unexpectedly disappointed with the 38,000 jobs. —Irwin Michael We don’t know what to expect at this point, although we do know that the deficit we’ve been forewarned should be C$25-30 billion, with a lot of it should be in infrastructure spending. —Irwin Michael Oil has improved a little bit here and the extreme negativity we had going back three or four months ago has waned a bit and even the Canadian dollar has improved. —Irwin Michael The market was becoming extremely oversold in the short run, investors were anxiously awaiting for some stability in the commodities, and oil and gas and the mining sector. —Irwin Michael Right now people are taking maximum negativity and factoring that out into the marketplace, the path of least resistance is down. —Irwin Michael

Best Quotes By Irwin Michael

People are breathing a sigh of relief and they are looking for those areas that should show a positive impact from what the Liberals were talking about. —Irwin Michael My sense is the stock market will end the year higher than where it is today, right now, we’re going through the indecision and the lack of clarity in terms of the Federal Reserve and China and what’s happening in Europe. —Irwin Michael Even though the markets are up … a lot of investors are still skeptical. —Irwin Michael Yesterday probably indicates the Federal Reserve will probably postpone any interest rate increase for fear that it could precipitate another decline like yesterday. —Irwin Michael Yesterday there appeared a fair amount of capitulation. It appeared to be more retail-oriented than institutional from what we could see in terms of the volumes. —Irwin Michael