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Isabella Rossellini Quotes – Quotes By Isabella Rossellini

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Isabella Rossellini Quotes

She would like to change the name Oscar to Anna. —Isabella Rossellini Mama wrote a letter to my father saying’ I want to work with you’ and she ended the letter saying’ in Italian I can only say ti amo( I love you)’ and of course the press used that to say women are sexual predators, in 1949 they made a first film together,’ Stromboli’, and they fell in love and my mother became pregnant with my brother Roberto before she could obtain a divorce. —Isabella Rossellini She showed that women are independent, that women want to tell their own story, want to take initiative but sometimes they can’t because sometimes our social culture doesn’t allow women to break away from certain rules. —Isabella Rossellini Mama of course was very hurt because she could not see her daughter( Pia) from her first marriage. She was hurt by the scandal, she felt she paid such a high price for it but eventually it was resolved. She made peace with it. —Isabella Rossellini She was able to integrate so many cultures… she is not even American but she is totally part of American culture like she is totally part of the Swedish, Italian, French, European film making, she worked in five languages, she worked with directors from my father to Alfred Hitchcock, from Jean Renoir to Victor Fleming, from( George) Cukor to Ingmar Bergman, it gave her a range that is probably bigger than other Hollywood stars like Katharine Hepburn, to give one example. —Isabella Rossellini

Best Quotes By Isabella Rossellini

One thing that was difficult to me was integrating my family with my career. Women were able to enter the workforce but … (it was) harder for me was to integrate my children with my professional life, i tried to have them come with me on the set, but as they grew older they wanted to stay with their friends, there was school. —Isabella Rossellini Especially in American cinema, you foster an audience of young males, if you foster an audience for subjects that are interesting to women then you also have an audience that is interested in these subjects. A lot of films where people punch each other… I’m not interested. —Isabella Rossellini No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Isabella Rossellini —Isabella Rossellini No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Isabella Rossellini