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Jay Abiona Quotes – Quotes By Jay Abiona

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Jay Abiona Quotes

When conducting a security assessment or an investigation, I am convinced that analyzing the past, evaluating the present and providing a plan for the future; establishes a credible solution that will protect you, your family and your assets. Protection is a matter of prevention, not reaction. —Jay Abiona Being observant of your surroundings & practicing situational awareness at all times is not being paranoid; it’s being cautious. —Jay Abiona A man being wealthy doesn’t necessarily mean he is successful. However, ALL successful men are wealthy! —Jay Abiona I have to IMPROVE everything in my life. If it is currently good, make it better. If it is currently great, make it greater. If it is poor, admit it, face it and IMPROVE it! —Jay Abiona I would rather climb for you since FALLING usually is out of control and sometimes causes us to get hurt. However, climbing for someone is at our own pace and gets us to a higher place quicker than falling, which obviously brings us down. —Jay Abiona

Best Quotes By Jay Abiona

So, there is more to you than meets the eye?” “You don’t even know.” was my reply. “In a good way or bad way?” was her next question. “Both” I answered, in either direction. “Ok” is how she ended the text. “Don’t we all have and good and bad sides?” is what I asked next. “We all have more to us than what meets the eyes. Some bad things don’t appear until that opportunity does arise and good qualities go unnoticed or may not be perceived as good but all of us have good and bad sides or at least most sane people should.” —Jay Abiona Cautious people are often criticized by those who later become victims. —Jay Abiona Being around others who practice situational awareness at your level or above will always keep you safe. —Jay Abiona Find your destination, ending point or overall goal. Everyday, do everything it takes to get there. The quicker you get there, the quicker you are off to other beautiful destinations. —Jay Abiona If I were a toy, I would be a Rubik’s Cube since I am from the 80’s and have a very colorful personality. I am complex, challenging, complicated, sometimes frustrating but oh so pleasurable when you figure me out! —Jay Abiona