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Keith Ellison Quotes – Quotes By Keith Ellison

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Keith Ellison Quotes

My office I will support law enforcement prosecutors every way we can in solving this crime holding accountable those responsible, school shootings, mass shootings gun violence happen far too often — and we must never become numb or desensitized. We must hold our hearts open to all the outrage and hold our minds open to all the solutions for ending it. We must not accept any more death and lives torn apart. —Keith Ellison Accountability is not justice. Justice is restoration. Justice would be restoring Daunte to life and making the Aubrey Wright family whole again. Justice is beyond the reach that we have in this life for Daunte. But accountability is an important step, a critical, necessary step on the road to justice for us all. —Keith Ellison The main thing about sentencing is that the Wright family is going to be able to make a victim impact statement, the most important thing may be that really for the first time, they’re going to talk about how this tragic incident impacted them and their lives. —Keith Ellison You ca n’t heal a dirty wound, and when there’s little trust, sadly there’s little safety. —Keith Ellison There were many times I felt we were up against the odds, because, I mean, conviction of a police officer for murder is a very rare event. —Keith Ellison

Best Quotes By Keith Ellison

I would not call today’s verdict justice, however, because justice implies true restoration, but it is accountability, which is the first step towards justice, and now the cause of justice is in your hands. —Keith Ellison Although a verdict alone cannot end their pain, I hope it’s another step on the long path toward healing for them. —Keith Ellison They stopped and they raised their voices because they knew what they were seeing was wrong, they performed simple yet profound acts of courage, they told the truth. And they told the whole world the truth about what they saw. —Keith Ellison The prosecution team is not the source of the leak. We will continue to take the strictest precautions to ensure a fair trial. —Keith Ellison George Floyd mattered. George Floyd was loved. George Floyd family was important. His life had value, we will seek justice for him and for you, and we will find it. —Keith Ellison