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Kris Kobach Quotes – Quotes By Kris Kobach

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Kris Kobach Quotes

It’s likely that the Kansas Senate candidate who will do the best is the one who can best articulate Trump’s position and is most associated with Trump in Donald Trump positions, and the person who best fits that bill would be me. —Kris Kobach I fully expect the president’s campaign to continue making this case. —Kris Kobach We just stopped last night, we’ll be providing some more information to the city this morning. We’re hoping to continue very soon. —Kris Kobach We were then instructed by the same city officials that we were good to proceed with construction over the holiday weekend and that we would not have any issues being shut down. —Kris Kobach If( the President) decides that it’d be right for the country for me to serve, I’d be honored to do so. —Kris Kobach

Best Quotes By Kris Kobach

It’s certainly possible that the result of the race could change. —Kris Kobach Instead of walking out of class why don’t you stay in class and spend the time studying the history of the Second Amendment. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. —Kris Kobach New Hampshire is a swing state. Everybody comes here. —Kris Kobach The commission is not set up to disprove or to prove President Trump’s claim, nor is it just looking at the 2016 election. We’re looking at all forms of election irregularities, voter fraud, voter registration fraud, voter intimidation, suppression, and looking at the vulnerabilities of the various elections we have in each of the 50 states. —Kris Kobach The most extreme criminals are deported while criminal arrestees not yet convicted are turned loose, [Under the new proposal,] criminal arrestees will be deported, there will be immediate improvement in safety for all Americans. —Kris Kobach