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Kristen Stewart Quotes – Quotes By Kristen Stewart

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Kristen Stewart Quotes

I feel so visible to him. —Kristen Stewart The first time I told her I love her it was really late and we were in some sh — y bar, and her friends were there or whatever and they walked out, and I was just like,’ Oh, man, I ’m so f — ing in love with you.’ Like, done, it was n’t like ‘ a thing, ’ and it also was so obvious. —Kristen Stewart I wasn’t specific at all. It’s not a given that I would be the one. You know what I mean ? With two girls, you never know like who’s going to fulfill what weird f — ing gender role thing, we don’t do that or think about it in those terms. She just grabbed that bowl and made it happen. It was f — ing so cute. —Kristen Stewart We’re marrying, we’re totally gon na do it, i wanted to be proposed to, soI thinkI very distinctly carved out whatI wanted and she nailed it. We’re marrying, it’s happening. —Kristen Stewart I look at her, the pictures and fleeting video clips, and I feel the ground shakes and you don’t know what’s going to happen. —Kristen Stewart

Best Quotes By Kristen Stewart

Everyone feels like they know her. That’s what’s beautiful about her, that she’s accessible, you feel like you’re friends with her, like she was your mother. But ironically she was the most unknowable person… In the imagining of these three days we wanted that to really come to a head. —Kristen Stewart Once I learned the curtsy and learned we’re not supposed to go in the kitchen ourselves and steal food, all those details, I don’t really remember them, but there was always someone to make sure we weren’t going out of line and staying authentic. —Kristen Stewart Women are so judgmental of each other. —Kristen Stewart ‘Twilight’ may have sort of distracted people from what I had been doing for a long time – but even within that series there were five Twilight films and in between each one of them I did an independent movie. —Kristen Stewart What is really obvious and apparent is the difference between why people make movies in France and why people make movies in the States, i like the fact that people aren’t dying to make a bunch of money and win a popularity contest, they’re actually just desirous of telling stories – so I feel at home here. —Kristen Stewart