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Kellyanne Conway Quotes – Quotes By Kellyanne Conway

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Kellyanne Conway Quotes

Now you know why they don’t let Biden do these press conferences. He didn’t do well. —Kellyanne Conway They’ve all failed. They’ve never succeeded the way I did as campaign manager, and they never got their candidate where my candidate got. He’s President of the United States. —Kellyanne Conway I find it petty and partisan and completely unhelpful to the American population to have a former vice president, who was here for eight years, in his bunker in Wilmington just lobbing criticisms, reading from prepared notes and not that well. —Kellyanne Conway The comments hes made about women, the lawsuits, that is all fair game. —Kellyanne Conway Either a short or a long trial is fine with us as long as it is a full and fair trial. But these two articles of impeachment are so thin and so weak and so simple, you can probably rebut them pretty quickly. —Kellyanne Conway

Best Quotes By Kellyanne Conway

We commend Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association for promoting treatment and recovery for those suffering from the disease of addiction and opioid misuse, we appreciate the example that a trusted and beloved American institution is setting for others. —Kellyanne Conway Honestly, where is the shame ? —Kellyanne Conway If you had told me three years ago that it would come to this, I wouldn’t have believed it… I don’t think I could have imagined a president, any president, engaging in this sort of conduct. —Kellyanne Conway He was using the power of the presidency — in its most unchecked area, foreign affairs — to advance his own personal interests as opposed to the country’s. —Kellyanne Conway This is about the country, people doing the right thing by the country and not by their party. And this is about telling the truth about what really happened and not about party loyalty, this is about putting the country, the law, truth above partisanship. —Kellyanne Conway