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Ken Buck Quotes

I am a firm believer in decorum, and I believe that we have seen a lack of it as our politics have become increasingly toxic during recent years, the State of the Union is not a time for theater, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi treated it by ripping up President Trump’s speech while directly behind him for the cameras. Congress is not a focus group, as both parties have acted while booing and chanting during presidential addresses for years now. It is also not a time for heckling, as Lauren unfortunately did last night. —Ken Buck For far too long, companies like Google and Apple have had a stranglehold on app developers who are forced to take whatever terms these monopolists set in order to reach their customers. —Ken Buck We need these bills because the economy has changed, we’ve never dealt with digital platforms in the way we are now. As the economy changes, Congress needs to exercise its Article I authority to update the laws and keep them current. —Ken Buck It is essential that we unshackle small business and give consumers more choice and thats what these bills do. —Ken Buck I’m concerned about the platforms primarily because of the effects of small business and consumer choice and censorship. —Ken Buck

Best Quotes By Ken Buck

You now have President Trump’s support. You have Kevin McCarthy support, you have Steve Scalise’s support, I don’t think there will be anybody that wants to risk a future chairmanship or a future role than the party to take on Elise Stefanik, which I think is terribly unfair. —Ken Buck Any act of violence is wrong, in order to truly restore unity in this country, we must prosecute these individuals to the fullest extend of the law. —Ken Buck The majority staff accurately portrays how Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have used their monopoly power to act as gatekeepers to the marketplace, undermine potential competition, and pick winners and losers. —Ken Buck It is a beautiful, patriotic paperweight. —Ken Buck No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Ken Buck