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Keri Gans Quotes – Quotes By Keri Gans

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Keri Gans Quotes

We’re not suggesting that anyone should be chewing gum all day. —Keri Gans A snack can help fuel you, especially during the afternoon slump. A piece of gum won’t provide that energy that’s needed… that you might get from a piece of string cheese and a piece of fruit, a handful of almonds or a yogurt. —Keri Gans Some people need something sweet at the end of each meal and will search for dessert. If they pop a piece of chewing gum, maybe it can do the trick. —Keri Gans I think for some people, it could be a useful tool. … Everyone has things that can possibly help them on their road to weight loss, and little behaviors like gum chewing can make a big difference for some. —Keri Gans If you’re someone who works from home and you find yourself wandering into the kitchen too many times, or if you keep visiting an office kitchen that’s packed with snacks, here chewing a piece of gum may help, it’s putting something in your mouth, it’s keeping it busy, it has this great flavor in it, and you might be less likely to reach for food… or that piece of chocolate on your co-worker’s desk. —Keri Gans

Best Quotes By Keri Gans

I love strawberries blended in a smoothie or mixed with plain nonfat yogurt, another hydrating food. —Keri Gans I love cantaloupe as a dessert, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, it will definitely satisfy. —Keri Gans We tell people to munch on veggies when they have a craving, but a lot of people get bored of carrots and celery pretty quickly, peppers are great to slice up when you get home from work, while you’re making or waiting for dinner. —Keri Gans They’re great to just pop in your mouth, maybe with some nuts or some low-sodium cheese, you get this great explosion of flavor when you bite into them. —Keri Gans I am a die-hard meat lover, but I love to add black beans to a Bolognese so I can reduce the amount of chopped sirloin used. —Keri Gans