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Kevin Faulconer Quotes – Quotes By Kevin Faulconer

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Kevin Faulconer Quotes

Our state is drastically out of balance now. Families need to feel safe when they’re walking their kids to school or walking to the car after work, homelessness is exploding. Crime is on the rise. I hear every single day how innocent Californians are being attacked or being the victims of theft. —Kevin Faulconer Gavin Newsom is afraid to answer for his failed record. He allowed crime and homelessness to skyrocket, he shut down schools for an entire year, and he slashed wildfire prevention funding. I’m not afraid to stand on my record and answer tough questions from voters and the media, but Newsom refuses to take accountability for his indefensible actions. We must recall him. —Kevin Faulconer Elder’s backwards positions harm women’s rights and the livelihoods of California families, elder’s lack of judgment and character flaws threaten the success and credibility of this historic recall movement — Californians will not vote to recall one dysfunctional Governor if it means replacing him with another. —Kevin Faulconer His attack on working women is unconscionable. —Kevin Faulconer I think Governor Newsom is worried and Governor Newsom ought to be, i think Californians are angry, and frustrated. —Kevin Faulconer

Best Quotes By Kevin Faulconer

Gavin Newsom is trying to nationalize [and] partisan-ize the election, what he doesn’t realize is that this is a referendum on his failures here in California, pure and simple. It’s a failure on schools, it’s a failure on skyrocketing homelessness, [a] dramatic rise in crime and his lack of preparedness for wildfires. —Kevin Faulconer Something is absolutely happening in California, there is an awakening of people that want change, and it is across the board. It is Republicans, it’s Independents and it’s Democrats. …It’s time to make a change, and it’s time to make our state more affordable. —Kevin Faulconer He’s all talk and no action, …He’s been in office for years. He says one thing and does another. —Kevin Faulconer I do not favor mandates ; I favor educate, you’re not going to mandate your way out of the coronavirus. —Kevin Faulconer I’ve seen the disasters of these policies on the streets throughout this great state of ours, it’s time to have a governor who is going to put victims first, every Gavin Newsom California family deserves to be safe, to feel safe and to have a safe neighborhood. Gavin Newsom California is not Gavin Newsom California under Gavin Newsom California. —Kevin Faulconer