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Kevin Madden Quotes – Quotes By Kevin Madden

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Kevin Madden Quotes

A lot of people for the past year have really had mobility challenges. Whether they don’t have access to transportation, they have caregivers, the homeless. This program really serves all of those parts of our community. —Kevin Madden You really don’t learn how little these campaigns matter until you stop working on them, what were those 18-hour days for ? —Kevin Madden No one is going to give you the nomination. —Kevin Madden When we get to that whites-of-their-eyes stage of the campaign and candidates realize the only way to improve their market share is to take Biden head-on, that’s when the real test begins. —Kevin Madden As quick as you can go down in this cycle, you can go back up. —Kevin Madden

Best Quotes By Kevin Madden

The establishment buzz around Rubio right now …. is going to help him continue that slow, steady climb into that poll position in the establishment lane. —Kevin Madden Walker needs a debate performance that reverses the trajectory of his campaign, he started out very fast, but didn’t match the initial interest in his campaign with a lot of enthusiasm and momentum once voters started to tune in a little bit more. —Kevin Madden One of the interesting things to watch will be whether or not the moderators or other campaigns seek to expose Trump as a bit of a fraud or a con when it comes to being able to promote a conservative Republican agenda, if he’s exposed as totally unserious on that (foreign policy and national security) issue, it could help some of the other campaigns begin to really draw a favorable contrast on an issue that will be very important in 2016. —Kevin Madden You have to go out and draw these contrasts … the other campaigns have to hit back. Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio — they haven’t really hit back and got into a one-on-one right now with Donald Trump. —Kevin Madden For the teams that are behind closed doors prepping candidates for this debate, the biggest challenge they have is figuring out the answer to the question: ‘How do you go after a guy who has nothing to lose?’. —Kevin Madden