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Kiki Bertens Quotes – Quotes By Kiki Bertens

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Kiki Bertens Quotes

(Crowds) would have been nice of course. But on the other hand I had my whole team behind me today. They were supporting me every single point, i know my family and my close friends are watching from home. I had this feeling on the court that they were with me. I was just fighting but it was not enough. —Kiki Bertens I’ve been practising so much my hands hurt and my eyes hurt, it’s fun. I’m just glad to put my tennis kit on again. —Kiki Bertens I was impressed (by her rise) but, for me, it was not a surprise, i think she is handling it all well. And she is a nice person as well. I think she is the best player at this moment and she is having a really good time. —Kiki Bertens Changing the rhythm, I think that’s what Dayana Yastremska doesn’t like, dayana Yastremska really likes that every ball is coming at the same height, at the same pace. —Kiki Bertens It’s always tough to play someone you’ve never played before, she’s had some good wins here, so I’m just really happy to be in the final of my home tournament. —Kiki Bertens

Best Quotes By Kiki Bertens

I feel unbelievable of course, The Dutch world number seven’s great to be in the final and I’m happy to finish The Dutch world number seven in two( sets), the Dutch world number seven’s going to be really tough( against Halep), we played each other in the past so I know The Dutch world number seven will be The Dutch world number seven, but I’m ready for it, one more push here. —Kiki Bertens I had a few match points in Miami and lost so of course that was going through my mind but I told Kiki Bertens to keep going, i told Kiki Bertens,’ you’re in the Wimbledon third round, never reached the fourth round so you have nothing to lose so go for your shots’. —Kiki Bertens Coming into Wimbledon,( if someone had told me I would) be in the fourth round here, I would definitely( have) signed( up) for that, everyone keeps on telling me I can play well on grass. But I was not really believing it. ( Now) I’m trying really to believe it. —Kiki Bertens —Kiki Bertens No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Kiki Bertens