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Klaus Spielkamp Quotes – Quotes By Klaus Spielkamp

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Klaus Spielkamp Quotes

The market has been pricing in a downgrade with a negative outlook, anything different from that, such as downgrade with a stable outlook, will be positive for Colombia. —Klaus Spielkamp The market wants to see action (and is) no longer satisfied with promises anymore. —Klaus Spielkamp Brazil represents about 50% of their income, which is expected to be much less because of the weakening of the Real and the recession in Brazil. —Klaus Spielkamp Everyone is clearing their positions and getting out where they can, but every day it is getting more difficult to find liquidity on both sides of the trade. —Klaus Spielkamp Many people are concerned that the Real will go to 4.00 (against the dollar) and they don’t want to step in until they have more certainty regarding Brazil. —Klaus Spielkamp

Best Quotes By Klaus Spielkamp

At this level you get bonds with a high-yield and provides some protection against devaluation. —Klaus Spielkamp It is not just Brazil anymore, we have seen sellers in Colombia, Costa Rica (and other countries). —Klaus Spielkamp Nobody wants to step in right now, though many bonds are cheap compared to a few weeks ago. —Klaus Spielkamp They have almost 20% and they could gather enough shares to block (the acquisition), but I don’t think it is in their interest to do so, they have no intention of buying the company. They want to increase the price, but if Alfa decides not to go ahead, they have a lot to lose. You can only pressure up to a certain point. It is now a poker game. —Klaus Spielkamp The change of control could only be triggered if the company is downgraded, which is not the case as Alfa is better rated than Pacific Rubiales. —Klaus Spielkamp