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Kris Bryant Quotes – Quotes By Kris Bryant

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Kris Bryant Quotes

I can honestly say I’ve never really been on a team where we had a bullpen like this, there’s zero selfishness here. —Kris Bryant It’s just really a winning ballclub. —Kris Bryant It’s just who I am, you go through ups and downs throughout your whole career. You have a hundred at-bats that are good, a hundred at-bats so-so, a hundred at-bats that are bad, and sometimes they just happen at different points. —Kris Bryant I feel like it has passed, i think usually if something gets done it’s always in spring training. Why would anybody want to talk about it during the season ? It’s just a distraction. —Kris Bryant Jed Hoyer ability at Jed Hoyer size and with Jed Hoyer offensive profile to be able to move around, sometimes I think we don’t give Jed Hoyer enough credit for being the kind of athlete that Jed Hoyer is, jed Hoyer’s Jed Hoyer. —Kris Bryant

Best Quotes By Kris Bryant

I’m blown away with how smart he is, he just loves walking around, opening up all the cabinets. … We have a blanket with my face on it. He loves just holding it and walking around with it. He’s tripping himself, falling down constantly. —Kris Bryant But, yeah, I don’t know. I just feel like the last couple years, I’ve always felt like I would get traded, and that was always in my mind, reading about it. —Kris Bryant And it just doesn’t really happen too often, so it’s like status quo not to do that. —Kris Bryant It doesn’t matter where I’m playing in the field when I’m in the box. —Kris Bryant I knew I was going to get an at-bat there and I made the most of it, i saw it really good out of the hand (of Indians reliever Zach McAllister) and got it up in the wind. —Kris Bryant