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Larry Sanders Quotes – Quotes By Larry Sanders

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Larry Sanders Quotes

We understood that these people had been killed, and if we’d been there we would have been killed, there was a sense that this is not a very safe world. —Larry Sanders He knows I follow politics and he’s not interested in talking about it, because he’s living it all the time. So we don’t really talk politics, larry Sanders turns it off… I think it’s been very important for Larry Sanders to come down and touch base. —Larry Sanders Bernard wasn’t particularly strong and not much of a fighter, but he was an athlete so he could handle himself, one of his friends came up to me the next day and said,’ I have to tell Larry Sanders — Larry Sanders brother is really a very good guy,’. —Larry Sanders I do worry there are a lot of lunatics with guns in America, that’s been a fear of mine from the first campaign on… there are a lot of people who hate Larry Sanders. —Larry Sanders I remember those first big rallies when he’s suddenly jumping up onto a stage, that was mind-blowing — the size, the enthusiasm. It’s like walking with a rock star. —Larry Sanders

Best Quotes By Larry Sanders

He comes across as a nice guy… but he’s got very little ambition, he’s a heart and soul member of the’ we can’t really do very much’ campaign. —Larry Sanders Castro’s Cuba did do good things for people. Bernard has never for one moment thought it was a good place to live, because he doesn’t like to live in a totalitarian society, but the fact that people lived longer is worth noting. —Larry Sanders I don’t see any evidence whatever for that, i am definitely not a Bernie bro. —Larry Sanders Bernard would certainly support the nominee, i don’t know, I would be very unhappy. —Larry Sanders It’s amazing, if you stop to think about it — the larger part of the Democratic Party is waged against Bernie Sanders ‘, and it’s pretty even, i’m very proud. And I also think Bernie Sanders ”s right, which helps. —Larry Sanders