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Laura Ingraham Quotes – Quotes By Laura Ingraham

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Laura Ingraham Quotes

Both these gals are committed globalists, they favor open borders and are pro-China. … They’re both pro-Big Tech and both benefited hugely from nepotism. But most importantly, they both have dim views of … grassroot Republicans. —Laura Ingraham The administration’s pandemic police is forcing about two-thirds of the country’s workforce to choose between supporting their families and taking a vaccine. —Laura Ingraham If our democracy is on the line, it’s for decades fossils like Durbin have refused to address the issues that critically impact the lives of every American. —Laura Ingraham Every day the barbarity of the Left’s COVID lockdowns and school closures becomes more apparent, the great global resetters who love to see us shut in and shut up were fine seeing our economy destroyed – and even turning kids into screaming zombies. —Laura Ingraham The problem is that they were a little naive about, in the case you brought up, allowing social workers to speak alone with their kids, sometimes social workers show up at the school so parents don’t find out until after the fact and that can start a scenario that very quickly escalates to a threat to the parents’ custody. —Laura Ingraham

Best Quotes By Laura Ingraham

In the state of Washington, a child age 13 up has total control over inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment and also has total privacy rights to that mental health care. So parents are not entitled to know about it. —Laura Ingraham So they want to control language, instill fear and enforce rules with specific and implicit threats, and, of course, in some cases, life-altering punishment. … enter(s) the notion of what the anti-racist curriculum really is. It’s largely the brainchild of Ibram Kendi, and it embodies their supposed aim of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in our schools. —Laura Ingraham I guess it is ticking them off even more, so that is something that weshould also take a look out for.Look, the mayor of St. Paul andthe mayor of Minneapolis bothsaid they would not toleratelooting and violence.They both made that cleardespite what we saw last nightand the night before. —Laura Ingraham This is why it’s so importantfor Nancy Pelosi — if these accusations arebaseless –she needs to apologize — not so much to her colleaguesbut to the American people whoright now, more than ever, needleadership coming from the speaker of the House, whorepresents all members ofCongress and the American peopleto bring us together. —Laura Ingraham If you think there is someoneamong the Republican caucusplotting the murder of NancyPelosi or other members ofCongress, that could then bringviolence upon those individuals, that’s the issue here.If this is a [criminal threat],letlaw enforcement deal with it. —Laura Ingraham