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Katie Porter Quotes – Quotes By Katie Porter

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Katie Porter Quotes

My constituents just want me to work really hard. They don’t care where I work. We don’t have to do things the way we have done since the time of sand. —Katie Porter I’ve taken some time to push my kids to be as self-reliant as they can be, this is a job that never stops. —Katie Porter Elizabeth Warren is the candidate we need to beat Donald Trump in 2020, root out corruption in 2021 and make big structural change to bring relief to working families all across the country. —Katie Porter It’s a very fundamental, entrenched part of financial institutions, but the policymaking is not there. —Katie Porter I didn’t come to Congress to impeach The President. —Katie Porter

Best Quotes By Katie Porter

The President has continued The President efforts to spread mistrust of our law enforcement. —Katie Porter The question is not whether a crisis is in our midst, but rather whether we choose to fight against it. —Katie Porter I’ll take that bet any time, i do my own taxes. I’m California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter. I serve with a number of really bright people, folks who have owned small businesses, folks who have been venture capitalists. —Katie Porter So for the secretary to attack the intelligence and the integrity of members of Congress is just one more thing out of Donald Trump’s playbook, which is to continue to attack anyone in government who doesn’t want to do what he wants to do. —Katie Porter This is someone who’s spent her whole career explaining one of the most complex, arcane areas of law to law students, that’s how she engages with voters. If she gives an answer and someone has a follow-up, she digs right in. If someone doesn’t understand her point, she tries another way to explain it. —Katie Porter