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Kristi Noem Quotes

I’m glad to see more people getting involved in these types of actions against social media platforms that do choose who can speak and who can’t. —Kristi Noem And through that, I think a lot of people have questions. Who I am, how did I grow up, what’s special about our way of life in South Dakota and then maybe some of the stories that got me to where I am today and how I made my decisions since I’ve been governor, this book is just to let them know and really tell the story of our people in our state. Our people are special, and what we did through challenging times is pretty incredible. —Kristi Noem We’re going to keep taxes low, keep regulations low, give them opportunities to be successful and to partner where appropriate, for me, it is just telling the story of South Dakota … We have the No. 1 economy in the country. We’re growing, our people are thriving, they’re happier, and it’s because we’ve been following conservative principles. —Kristi Noem So in my leadership in South Dakota, we’ve tried to be truthful, get facts in people’s hands so that they can make the best decisions for their families, and to make sure that they know that we trust them. I think many times I find in my interactions with many at the national media level is that they aren’t telling the true story. They aren’t telling all the facts in context that gives people the best information that they need to make the best decisions for their lives. —Kristi Noem I would say that we’ve just seen the media overstep and be untruthful for years, it’s gotten extremely bad since 2020 when the virus came to the United States. I think we’ve seen the media be used and used fear to motivate people and to promote an agenda. —Kristi Noem

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Today was the first time the legislature refused to give a hearing to a bill and they chose to do it on a pro-life issue, protecting babies. —Kristi Noem The South Dakota law is different, it is modeled after the Texas law, and it says when that heartbeat is detected, that then abortion is not an option. And frankly, since we got to the Texas law in place, lives have been saved. In South Dakota, there’s a private right of action clause that is different than the Texas model. But we think that really gives people the option to really not insert the state into that relationship, but make sure that people have the opportunity to go after those doctors that do perform abortions, and save those lives so that we can continue to be bold in doing that. —Kristi Noem This legislation does not have the problematic provisions that were included in last year’s House Bill 1217, those flawed provisions would have led to endless litigation for our state, as well as for the families of young South Dakota athletes — male and female alike. —Kristi Noem I didn’thear him criticizePresident Obama for having a party for his birthday. —Kristi Noem The media lied about the event for a year. —Kristi Noem