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Kurt Busch Quotes – Quotes By Kurt Busch

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Kurt Busch Quotes

Hell yeah, we beat Kyle! —Kurt Busch Just going to put that much emphasis on winning that last one today because it will be that old nostalgic feel. —Kurt Busch We led a lot of laps. We were up front a lot. But when I was out front, he could keep the closest distance to me, that kind of worried me for a finish like that in the long run. —Kurt Busch We kind of lost control that pit stop where we came in the leader and came out third, i thought if we could keep in touch with (Jones and Larson), keep close to them, we might be able to out-pit road them at the end of the race. We got by one of them, but not the other one. But overall, good day. —Kurt Busch We were going to be right on the verge, you have to go hard first and worry about fuel afterwards. After I got Blaney, I was able to save a little bit and take care of my tires for the rest of the lapped traffic I had to get through. —Kurt Busch

Best Quotes By Kurt Busch

This makes last weekend feel so much stupider, i wish we would have swept last weekend, too, with two weekend sweeps in a row. But well take what we got today. —Kurt Busch To finish third… and to run with the whos who of the sport, it just shows Ganassi has got the right stuff. —Kurt Busch I tried to donate it back to the Boston Aquarium. I didn’t want to eat the poor guy, but I learned that, when you are on the bottom of the ocean for 80 years and you are dragged up to the surface, you are not all that happy. The stress and turmoil for the lobster, he wasn’t going to make it anyway. We probably should have cooked him up, dipped him in butter and celebrated. —Kurt Busch Tony went through some tough spots. I’ve been through some tough spots, it’s about persevering and pushing hard and believing in the people around you and having a good support system. —Kurt Busch Everybody on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand. —Kurt Busch