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Lawrence Jones Quotes – Quotes By Lawrence Jones

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Lawrence Jones Quotes

Hannity told me when I first got into this business, ‘Just be L.J,’. —Lawrence Jones Those are like my two confidants. You know if I have any advice that I need, those are the first two people that are going to call me on my stuff, tell me how I can grow. —Lawrence Jones The show is a balance between news and analysis of what’s happening in the world. —Lawrence Jones I really want to serve them, but also, that is like my compass. If the people back home can’t understand the content I’m putting out, then I’m really not serving the audience. —Lawrence Jones It’s not just a moment for me, but it’s a moment for my family, my community… I saw my friends from back home sharing an article from the Dallas Morning News saying, ‘Hey I was in class with him,’ or ‘I know him,’ that was a moment that touched me the most. —Lawrence Jones

Best Quotes By Lawrence Jones

There’s so much heavy stuff going on in the world, but we also want to give the audience an opportunity to breathe throughout the show. There’s a lot going on, a lot of chaos, crime, the border, inflation, things that have people in a funk. So we’re going to cover that and make it personal, but we’re also going to talk about football. We want to talk about some of the positive stuff happening across the country, some of the heart-pulling stories that are going to make them smile and have fun as well. —Lawrence Jones I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that Suzanne has provided me over the last four years, encouraging me to travel the country and seek out the stories of everyday Americans, many of whom have been overlooked by the rest of the media. I look forward to delivering insightful, thought-provoking coverage on the key issues that really matter to the heartland of the nation. —Lawrence Jones Bit by bit we’d get the tree up and decorated, it was artificial, but the sense of togetherness wasn’t. —Lawrence Jones I know one thing, i’ll do what my mama and daddy did for my siblings and me, and be sure to teach my family about being charitable and having reasonable expectations. —Lawrence Jones Who’s going to respond to cities essentially going up into flames right now? No leadership on the issue, honestly, I’ve met some people that consider themselves Democrats that are here in search of someone who is going to respond really to the ground. —Lawrence Jones