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Le Clos Quotes – Quotes By Le Clos

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Le Clos Quotes

It must be terrible to watch me at 3 in the morning, then what do you do afterwards? —Le Clos There’s no real plan going forward. I have no coach, no training partners. I could be stuck here until the Olympics, if they shut the gyms here, I don’t have a plan B( for a pool). It’s scary. I’ve spoken to some guys literally stuck in their homes. They can’t do training. —Le Clos I’ve got a clear head, I will respond, i’ve always said don’t judge me when I’m running like a lion, judge me when my back’s against the wall. —Le Clos I am excited. Been excited for a very long time, very, very excited. —Le Clos Getting into the pool, I feel I’m unshackling myself from the worry and stress. Swimming definitely takes my mind off things. —Le Clos

Best Quotes By Le Clos

It has not been an easy time but I am training hard for Rio, more than anything else I want (my parents) to win their battles. I also hope they will be in Rio. —Le Clos I’m just happy to get another time under way, i’m exactly two seconds off the world record but that is my goal. —Le Clos I’ll be in the best shape of my life for Rio and gold is on my mind, the butterfly races are on my mind and Michael Phelps’s butterfly world records (100m and 200m) have been on my mind since I won gold in London. —Le Clos After my failure in 200m I am happy to win today, i am really happy to come first. My father [Bert] was watching my race from the stands and cheered me on. That’s just amazing. —Le Clos I have already told my family there is a realistic possibility I could come back with three silvers in the butterfly, or three bronze or three fourths, but I also believe I can get three golds. The butterfly is such an open game at the moment. —Le Clos