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Lise Grande Quotes – Quotes By Lise Grande

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Lise Grande Quotes

We share our deepest condolences with the bereaved families and loved ones of those who have lost their lives in this terrible, unjustified attack. —Lise Grande The worst-case scenario — which is the one we’re facing now — means that the death toll from the virus could exceed the combined toll of war, disease and hunger over the last five years [ in Yemen ]. —Lise Grande This is one of the biggest threats in the past 100 years to face Yemen, it’s time for the parties to stop fighting each other and start fighting COVID together. —Lise Grande There aren’t sufficient supplies, capabilities, facilities. If the virus spreads the impact will be catastrophic. —Lise Grande For families that come from other neighborhoods that are moderately destroyed, I think we can expect that many of them will try to go back and they’ll do the best they can to try to rebuild. —Lise Grande

Best Quotes By Lise Grande

The military campaign will have achieved a great short-term success, but perhaps little else of enduring impact. —Lise Grande We’re literally talking in just a few months about doubling the number of families who are displaced in the country, we’re trying to pre-position supplies and develop contingencies for all of those areas and we’re doing so with 30 percent of the appeal that we’ve asked for. —Lise Grande The destruction the team has found in Ramadi is worse than any other part of Iraq. It is staggering. —Lise Grande At the rate that extraction is going with the limited capacity that exists, it will be up to nine months before the area of Tamim is cleared. —Lise Grande Thousands of homes have to be rebuilt, thousands of buildings have to be rebuilt. The total cost of reconstruction in Ramadi is huge. —Lise Grande