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Liz Truss Quotes – Quotes By Liz Truss

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Liz Truss Quotes

We will squeeze Putin’s regime and all those close to him responsible for its appalling attack on Ukraine, we will not rest until Russia’s economy has been degraded and Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity restored. —Liz Truss It is important that we take a stand to support multilateralism and the global trading system, there has been too much undermining of the rules-based order. —Liz Truss We know that that supply is secure, we’re absolutely confident that we can continue to deliver our programme. We have received reassurance from the European Union that those contracts won’t be disrupted. —Liz Truss In fact, in future months we hope to be in a position to help other countries with vaccine supply, including our friends and neighbours but also the developing world. —Liz Truss Some of the behaviour by China on areas like forced technology transfer, subsidies by state-owned enterprises, and also IP (Intellectual Property) violations have led to some of the mistrust in the global trading system, people can see things are unfair, that if state-owned enterprises are able to subsidise and able to undermine free enterprise economies, then that can destroy trust in trade. —Liz Truss

Best Quotes By Liz Truss

We shouldn’t been in a position where the UK, the EU and the US have tariffs on each other. We need to work together. —Liz Truss We’ve exchanged initial tariff offers and held detailed technical discussions on areas such as investment, professional business services and financial services. —Liz Truss No Content Available , Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Liz Truss —Liz Truss No Content Available, Check https://inspirationalquotes4you.com —Liz Truss