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Luke Messer Quotes – Quotes By Luke Messer

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Luke Messer Quotes

This is just the start of what President Trump can accomplish if he has the leaders that support him in Washington. —Luke Messer My opponent, he talks Trump, Trump, Trump, but when it’s time to show courage and vote for President Trump’s agenda, he votes no, no, no. —Luke Messer I’ve got a home in Indiana that I’ve owned for 17 years, my kid do need a full-time father, but I’ll tell you this – that’s not what Hoosiers are focused on. —Luke Messer Our veterans deserve better. —Luke Messer Paul went up and gave a from-the-heart speech, without any notes, about the fact this had to be a new beginning. That this was an opportunity for a fresh start for our conference, and we couldn’t keep doing things the same old way, he has said we can’t keep doing things the same way unless we want the same results. And some of those changes are changes that can happen relatively quickly. —Luke Messer

Best Quotes By Luke Messer

Frankly, I think waiting doesn’t make it easier, the longer we wait, the harder it is to commit. —Luke Messer The only way you get a sizable number of Republican votes is to include spending reductions in any debt ceiling increase, if John decides to go another route, he’ll be doing it without very many Republicans. —Luke Messer It’s disappointing. I had hoped we’d be able to continue to fight. —Luke Messer Protecting America’s children from Big Data shouldn’t be a partisan issue, i’m glad to work across the aisle to find the appropriate balance between technology in the classroom and a parent’s right to protect their child’s privacy. —Luke Messer Lauren, you make your community, state and your country proud. —Luke Messer