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Kyle Larson Quotes – Quotes By Kyle Larson

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Kyle Larson Quotes

I saw Kevin get into Chase, get his payback I ’m guessing. But, man, Chase’s team did such a good job fighting through that, i think any other race in the season, you ’ll probably give up and just patch it together the best you can, and the driver also is probably going to limp it around and accept that they are n’t going to make the next round. —Kyle Larson I have n’t been in that situation yet to have a true opinion, you never know if Kevin’s going to feel like he still owes him more. That’s between them two. NASCAR, if they feel like they need to step in, I do n’t truly have an opinion of it. —Kyle Larson Obviously, Harvick and Chase got together. Chase was upset. Kind of held him up, it got Harvick having to move around and use his tires up off the bottom. I started to get some dive-ins working off of( turn) two, got a big run, decided to pull the trigger, slide him, squeeze him a little bit, hen he had me jacked up down the frontstretch. It was wild. —Kyle Larson I love this place. This is by far my favorite track. This is why, you guys are amazing, loud. We feel the energy while we’re out there racing. Thanks, everyone, for spending your hard-earned money to come watch us putting on a show. —Kyle Larson I’m here doing media availability, so all is normal. —Kyle Larson

Best Quotes By Kyle Larson

Just having that relationship where they can pick up the phone and call me if they have questions about iRacing or something is pretty neat, it’s a closer friendship, relationship with them. I think all of them look up to me and I think that’s great to be there for them whenever they need me. —Kyle Larson Disbelief, still, hate that we didn’t get another win. It would have been cool to win five in a row. I felt something in the middle of the tunnel. I wasn’t sure what it was yet. It finally kind of shredded halfway through that little short shoot there. —Kyle Larson We’ll try and start another streak tomorrow. —Kyle Larson There’s nothing safe about being a race car driver, it was getting pretty crazy … That’s kind of what you have to expect from racing in the rain. —Kyle Larson I don’t really have much wet-weather experience, so it was kind of cool to figure that out, honestly didn’t drive way different. You could still slow down good, turn good. Drive-off was easy to spin your tires, but other than that, it was kind of fun to chase the grip throughout the portions where it would start drying. So it was pretty fun and yeah, I think they’ve got a pretty good product that we could honestly start racing with right away if we needed to on these short tracks. —Kyle Larson