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Luke Donald Quotes

I felt like I didn’t quite have it today, especially on the front nine, i was searching a little bit in my swing. —Luke Donald I wouldn’t worry and read too much into it, rory has been by far the best players in the world for the last year or so. —Luke Donald The last few years I played a lot in the Middle East, i think with the new wraparound schedule, I feel like in previous years (Riviera) has been kind of my first event of the year and I feel like I’m getting left behind a little bit. Some guys have played eight and nine events and I’m playing my first or second. —Luke Donald He set his wedding date before the tournament decided to change the date, he thought that it was a free week that I don’t usually play. … I told him I would definitely be at his second wedding, but he didn’t find that too funny. —Luke Donald It’s certainly easier to have one coach rather than split short game and full swing, and certainly it’s been fun being back with Pat. —Luke Donald

Best Quotes By Luke Donald

The last few years I’ve been doing the Middle East thing, and it’s a tough decision whether to go there and try and knock off some events as a European Tour member, this year I think overall looking at my results, I played a little bit better on the West Coast than I have in the Middle East, so that was another determining factor for coming back here to an event that I have had some success in the past. —Luke Donald I certainly wanted to be there. —Luke Donald Actually had dinner with Justin Rose the night before Justin Rose left for the Ryder Cup, which was fine. It wasn’t awkward, you don’t play well enough and you can’t expect to get picked. I wasn’t playing very well. —Luke Donald I think I spent so much time and effort trying to implement what Chuck Cook wanted me to do that I got a little bit away from some of my strengths, i was concentrating on improving my weaknesses and forgetting a little bit about my strengths. For me, consistency is being able to scramble for par when I need to and grind out a round when I’m not at my best. —Luke Donald He’s always been a mentor to me, I was still with him last season, it wasn’t a complete breakaway. It was more difficult having two coaches, but Goss has always been really good at understanding how to get the most out of me physically and mentally. —Luke Donald